Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Starting afresh!

A new year and a new blog, I will be inviting all my old followers to join me.I stopped writing on the old blog"just a bower bird at heart" after my dogs died ,I just didn't feel like talking to anyone but then my BLOG to Book came in and it was sooo lovely I decided to start another.A little more personal this time, I hope you don't mind.By way of "getting to know me"some pics..................................
my driveway

the valley this morning




My Mum at her 90th last month
Here's to the year ahead! Sharing some crafty stuff.......

this months Journal page

Steampunk for Roses

my try at a Tim tag

Art doll for swapping


  1. Welcome back. Lovely to see you blogging again, you do such a great job at it. That 'steampunk for roses' is fantastic. Was that an exchange on Roses?

  2. Yea! She's baaaaaaaack!!!!
    We love you, Lee!

  3. 2012 will be a magical year now that you've got a brand new blog. You go, girl!!

  4. Great to see you again, Lee! I'm glad you're feeling a little better again. It's hard to lose your furry friends and takes some healing time. Thanks for the invitation to see your brand new blog! I like it!

  5. I love your new blog! What a beautiful view done your driveway. Glad you are back blogging again!

  6. Looks lovely, Lee. I've missed you in the blog world.

  7. Your blog is beautiful! So clean and crisp looking. I'll go figure out how to follow you and put a link over on my art blog. Lori de Froup

  8. My, you have been busy! A new blog and look at all of this recent artwork! I especially like your journal page!

  9. I popped over to say, "Hi!" But you knew I would. And how nice to see your mother!!! I'm very happy to see you back. Love ya!

  10. Hi Lee! Glad to see you back. Your new baby looks great so far and I love the name :-)

  11. Welcome back Lee! I like the new blog!!


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