Friday, March 23, 2012

Is Laziness wrecking my life?

I have a wonderful idea for an artwork but I am too lazy to start on it. I am not too lazy to lead a decent life, I take care of my old Mum and cook her meals,take her out etc., buy her what she needs,or to be a wife, or renovate a house with hubby, or spoil the pets.
But, I am too lazy to do those special things that make life zing! Climb a mountain, go on a diet, start an exercise regime, learn a foreign language, improve myself, paint more, learn more, give more of myself.
I did a life expectancy quiz today and I have 24 yrs.
Pop over and see what your life expectancy is and maybe re-think what is left,start a "bucket list"?


  1. I did, and apparently I might live into my 90's. My grandma lived to 98, but the last five years were spent in a nursing home and her memory had fled. I'd prefer not to go that route!

  2. I agree with Teri mine LE came out at 105. Sounds horrendous.


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