Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New technique

I am doing some Tim Tags for a swap and I didn't particularly like his background on this months tag nor did I have the things necessary to re -create it so and didn't have any brown paint handy so I decided to make some using ink and gel medium..I looked around for a stamp and found a piece of textured paper that had been sent to me( see below) and used it.When it dried it wasn't dark enough so I painted it with ink and got this really cool resist effect from the medium.

I will use this technique again!


  1. I like that tag, Lee! Very cool texture - sometimes the "accidents" turn out the best ever!

  2. oooh lee, i like! i like! wish i could find some of that funky paper around here. who was it made by?

  3. Don't you love these happy accidents? It looks awesome. The paper looks like it's just embossed paper, which is pretty easy to find in scrapbook stores or even make yourself if you have the embossing machine and folder! Very cool!

  4. That is a cool technique, Lee! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the idea of ink and gel. so many possibilities!


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