Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My Mum had a stroke a week or so ago and it has been absolute chaos since. I have had to pull out of any commitments until life resumes some normalcy.The good news is she is recovering well!

She is 90.
Also our new dog arrived yesterday he is smart as can be .

this is him meeting peggy( brown kelpie)

this is him 1yr old black kelpie
On top of this I have guests arriving tomorrow and still going to the hospital every day and am trying to get her house clean for her return.
Go Go Go!


  1. Get help, help, help! Quickly!
    Excellent news your Mother is doing better but you still need help and quickly. Take it from someone who knows because I've tried to do it all -lol-.

  2. Don't forget to take care of the caregiver . . . That's you.
    Glad your Mother is doing well. Congratulations on the new furkid.

  3. Your mom's looking terrific for 90. So wonderful you're there for her.


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