Sunday, April 15, 2012

Survival Mode and quilt for sale

Sorry I have gone quiet but my mother has had a stroke, she is 90 and I adore her and am looking after her. In order to make it through this stressful time I have gone no mail in all my groups and begged out of any swaps I may have committed to. I need to concentrate on getting her able to cope in her home because it's what she wants most! She is very weak but strong willed and smart and I believe that with help and time she will once again be able to look after herself and the pets she so adores. My sister is in town for a week or so and that is a tremendous help as she is a nurse and can stay with mum. I am afraid to leave her alone. She rarely visits so this is wonderful!
I realised I had written this post twice, honestly, my head is in the clouds when I am stressed.

My sister, Berbie, and her grandson, Charlie, with Mum on her 90th
I have been re-doing Mums room for her so it is nice and found a lovely quilt online for her but pressed submit twice and now I have two.I am trying to sell one on ebay!


  1. Thinking about you Lee and sending hugs!!

  2. Best wishes to you, Lee. Wonderful to see your mom doing some walking.

  3. Lee it is very stressful looking after someone who has had a stroke as there are so many different thing they need help with. I do wish i were closer to help you. tell your Mum hello and keep in touch. There is always online groups and swaps and only one Mom..


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