Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging course with Kim and Xanthe

The course has begun and I will do it on here. There is a linky I will upload but I have to go find it. Baby steps. First day is why you blog and my why is that when you have been married thirty something years you need someone to talk to. LOL!  Hubby can't believe all the silly things I think about,.most women do. There's my thirst for art and creating. I will do almost anything to fill that need, the world is so full of stimulation.
Then there's "Day in the life" thing. I plan on printing it and keeping it for prosterity. I hope my grandchildren will be interested in a glimpse of the past and what the world and my life were about back in the 21st Century! LOL!  I imagine the world they will live in and its just so different and exciting!


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  1. hi Lee...thanks for stopping by my blog. It is so nice to meet you! i think this BTS is going to be amazing! Love the photo in your post...too cute, i hope Kim and Xanthe see this! Sounds like our husbands are about the same :~)


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