Thursday, June 21, 2012


Having only 15 followers I guess this news won't go world-wide but I am going to do an online  blogging course (did I hear you say"at last"LOL!) with a lady I truly admire Kim Klassen, if you havent been to her blog GO ( link to follow).  Her photography is out of this world and she edits in Photoshop which she also teaches. My photography sucks worse than my blogging and I don't know photoshop at all , so what have I got to lose?  Please come along on this journey and you can let me know if I improve??

one of hers


  1. if only it was Paint Shop Pro, no-one teaches that and it is the most sold photo software in the world!

  2. I am profficient at Paint Shop Pro thats about all Ihave in my favour ,maybe I can use that?


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