Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lots of new photos

I have a new project YAY! I just love it when I get a new project, I consider them blank canvases!  Mind you, I don't mind admitting, I threw a huge hissy fit when the idea was first broached that I give up
my studio  (that I had waited my whole life for)  to make accommodation for my daughter. I was disgraceful actually, until my wise son asked "which is more impotant?"  No contest obviously!
So we got together and squeezed all my stuff into the garage. It was a humongous job we were all totally worn out!
now ensconsed in the garage

right end of the shed

from outside


left end of shed

with new floor treatment

some of my favorite bits

love the texture of this cream

this one wrinkled

the wrinkles look cool but will take forever to dry

curly bits
I am in love with this floor treatment and I am hoping it will look really cool in the finished room.
Did I mention that funds are extrememly limited so this flavours all my decisions and also that I hope to reclaim it as a studio in 18 months time. Hence, I dont want to build rooms.
What do you think? It's going to be such fun!

I have made my first paper flowers, did I mention that I am, "craft challenged", being blind and all thumbs. I do enjoy playing with paper though! You dont have to be great, just having fun is what it's about!

We also put up our new chicken abode as we are getting a couple of chooks, I hope they will be able to free- range with the dogs and just get locked in their roost at night.Fingers crossed!
it will never look like this again,all shiny and new

Have a great day!
PS The blogging course starts today and I have to go to town and begin to  paint Mum's wall.


  1. I like your floor--it's good to shake up things sometimes!

  2. Looks great. Love the chicken coop.


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