Monday, July 16, 2012

Back early

Australian Landscape

Today I returned early from my Art workshop. Why you might ask?
A couple of reasons really..................................
  1. I was feeling awful about being away from my responsibilities here, (Mum was moaning about missing me, I had a nightmare about her having another stroke, the dog was reportedly pining to the point of being ill and John hurt his back and wasn't managing.)
  2.  I was neglecting my responsibilities for no good reason. I was enjoying myself and yes, I admire the artists work, but he wasn't going to teach me anything more than he did in the first couple of days.
I will explain, during the first days we were set exercises to do, challenging ones but do-able and we all did them well. Even me, mine was even chosen to critique favorably. The next day he decided to set us a harder one and I got stage fright . It wasn't that it wasn't the sort of thing I do, it was, but after accidentally getting it right the first day I was scared to put brush to paper in case I got it wrong. I did try to explain this to the young art superstar but although he was a lovely and talented young man he didn't take seriously an old lady who was being sincere .
After that, he  set me a task a monkey could have done. Don't get me wrong, due to his clever idea it will become a nice work worthy of display but certainly not due to my input.
After this I decided I was banging my head against a brick wall  and came home.
I have, believe it or not,  had some tutors who believed in me but more, I am afraid, that think I am just a fat old lady keeping herself busy. Which isn't the case . My sister and I were talking about art and we were talking about whether or not we were wasting our time and asking the tutors about it and she said something (for a change).  She said no matter what they said we would continue to paint. She is right  because its not for them we paint but for us.
One tutor (Roy Oorloff) told me " Lee, you have something to say and  people deserve a chance to hear it".

Some photos from the workshop...............

unpacked and ready

We were set a task..................

we had to a make a parcel or collection of anonymous objects, then paint an abstraction of it or its contents.

Del making her parcel


My sisters parcel

my collection
successful abstraction1

my successful abstraction 2

another ladies objects
much discussion ensued
Sylvia and Maureen discussing the challenge

 This is the result, this one is Del's .

 My Monkey do task................................

paint a cup

16 cup paintings

Put them together after glazing with black/brown.................

the finished thing

I hope you enjoyed the workshop as much as I did!
PS. It rained all day everyday!


  1. Lee-I'm sorry that the workshop was not all you hoped it would be--but looks like you got some good ideas and work out of it. Beautiful photo of the landscape.

  2. Lee,
    Good excuses. you should have stayed. Sometimes you have to swat the younger set. and challenge them. they may be a good artist teaching is another thing.


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