Monday, July 2, 2012

Colorado Springs - The Waldo Canyon Fire!

Oh Dear! Yesterday bidding on ebay I typed in one too many 0's on my bid and won a kitchen we can't afford.
I wrote to the guy but he doesn't seem prepared to cancel my bid without me paying $400 even though he could offer it to the next bidder as a "second chance offer".  Alas am I!
My art course starts in 6 days now and I offered to stay home to save money (and to appease my nerves which are giving me an awful time, it's like a 4 lane adrenal highway in here at the moment!)  but hubby says I must still go as he thinks it will be good for me!
Just a recap on the course....
Its at Cooee Bay Qld, a lovely beachside community, 2.5 hrs from here(3 for me). It goes for 10 days , there are two fabulous tutors, meals supplied and approx 30 to 40 artists. Some of these ladies have been coming for 26 yrs and can do beautiful  paintings and I mean amazingly so, with their eyes closed. It's a fabulous atmosphere all these artists working in one big room, like an electric hum!
The artists this year are Bela Ivanyi , founder of the Cooee Bay Artists group

 and Peter Sharp.

 These are world class talented tutors and it is a rare opportunity to work with artists of this calibre without travelling for days and paying a fortune.
As luck would have it I have free accomodation in the area so it really keeps my costs to a minimum.

the view from our cottage
 I have so much packing and preparation to do it "beggars belief". That's one of my Mums' sayings , I must look up it's origins one day. I am fascination by the origins of words and sayings!
Catchya Lata!


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