Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I am getting ready for camp.............

I like to prepare some textured backgrounds before I go so when he says "grab a canvas and do such and such" I already have a point from which to start. I don't know how others work but I have found these invaluable in the past.

We will be spending a fair bit of time outdoors, mostly, I think because the tutors are from down south and our winters are sunny and glorious!
Because I can't carry much I have ordered Peerless Paper watercolors and am making a travel pack to fit my sketchbook as per the instructions on this site , it's also where I bought them from.

I will be sticking the colors on these pages when they arrive

I have a lovely  book of handmade papers (a bit small maybe, but lovely)

I tried to show you the quality of the paper below, it has beautiful uneven edges.


Some cards arrived from Bobbie  for our TH  swap in vintageatc

My work is nowhere near as neat as this,I may have to pull out of this swap  because as an artist I make one lousy messy crafter!
Have a great day!

PS go have a look at this blog someone in vintageatc posted the link, it's great!

our winters are sunny and glorious!


  1. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, and for your very kind comment!
    You know, I'm in awe of you, who can paint, must be a wonderful creative feeling, and you have some great stuff here!
    And about lightmeter and analog cameras, it ain'n that hard, and you can always get a camera that does it for you! =)
    Have a great sunday!

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  3. Wow, I love these sidebars, wonderful, new update?

    Thanks a lot for the kind comment on my blog, but I do not believe in a hundred years that what you wrote is true! =)
    You just haven't found YOUR camera yet!! ;-) Do that, they are still cheap, most people just by digital and you can find yourself a beautiful trusty workinghorse for almost nothing.....
    Have a wonderful week filled with beautiful artwork!
    See you in class


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