Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrift shop treasures

Today I went to the thrift shop in search of cool stuff for photo-shoots,photography and digital  photo make-overs being my latest passion....................
I don't know how or when I will use this stuff but you never know when it will be just the thing you were looking for!

this little cup is only about an inch high though you can't tell by the photo

the little angel is the lid to  a rose carved container

pink champagne anyone?
 I ordered my new camera today , I chose a Nikon 1J1,its for beginners who want to take better shots.
I was sold when I read two things "anti shake" and "thinks for itself"."Fast" was another feature that was important to me.
I did get my smart daughter to look at the specs before ordering.
Have a great day!
It should be here in a week,I am sooo excited!

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  1. I so relate to you I like nothing better than to tour our charity shops and hopefully find some goodies to use. I love the pink glass lots of photo opportunities there, thanks for sharing


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