Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Fact Friday and Pieces of me

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On your feet .Can you guess what this is?
I clearly see the lower part of a torso,female.
Take your time looking at it before clicking on the photo which will take you to the before.
WARNING: Not for people with weak stomachs.
(1) One thing about me.shhhh!

My favourite chair, it has a wire back. I picked it up years ago.
(2) I am always on the look out for something interesting.

Remember its winter here!
(3) I like a hearty breakfast but sometimes miss lunch..

(3) An artist friend made this for me.
Here is an old light fitting given to me by a friend.
(4) My friends know where to send their junk.
I love layering images digitally and playing in editing programmes!Do you see the face?
(5) Fifth thing about me!
I hope you enjoyed these images! I certainly enjoyed following the links to see the work of other members of Reflections of you!
Have a great Day!


  1. I got so caught up in my emotions reading about your dog missing, but I finally got to the 5 facts. You mean that gorgeous piece of art is your (I'm sorry) not so pretty foot? LOL The light fitting is really a gem.

  2. A fabulous set of facts and images! I love your digital work - very creative!


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