Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Journey of renovation

We have an old beach shack of no particular value that had lost value even more by the Global Economic Crisis and 6 yrs of being tenanted to a woman who was apparently  never there( according to the neighbours) so we took possession and started is a  journey of joy to breathe new life back into a place previously thought almost uninhabitable...............................I would like to live in all the sad houses, give them a coat of paint, weed their gardens and fill the halls with the laughter of children.....unfortunately there is only one of me and the kids grew up and left home LOL!.

We decided to address the main issues which were no space in the kitchen (it being a 3 purpose room) and no privacy in the yard, as the house is exposed on three sides being on a pointy block at the end of the street. First we weeded, I can't stand to see the gardens in a state of neglect. Then we gravelled the drive as it puddled up in the rain and filled with water. We decided on a outdoor room for the back and made one of the bedrooms into a small lounge.

We used the garage and turned it into a guestroom and en suite to the main as the original bathroom was tiny and I like to stretch out in a bath.
the front garden before

we were amazed to find the bare bones of the previous garden under the weeds

after weeding with a couple of new plants

weeded and planted
Sleeping on the floor,my back was killing me!I  had to lie on my belly to weed as sitting up was hurting my back. Neighbours would call out to me!


  1. Hi Lee,
    I can't find an email for you. I'm closing my giveaway on my blog The Life of me, and that makes you a winner. Can you email me with your address?

    Wendy W

  2. What a lot of hard work. now enjoy your getaway.


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