Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artistic Evolution

I am a morning person, early to bed and early to rise, sadly it hasn't made me "happy, healthy and wise" LOL!
Not particularly wise anyway! I can't keep my eyes open at night, especially since there is nothing worth watching on TV at the moment and in the morning, everything aches. My blood has pooled into puddles and I just can't lie there any longer, so I get up, sometimes before the sun does. LOL!
I was three pages behind in our Artistic Evolution R&R (our work must evolve from the previous page in the journal) so yesterday I got them done!What a job,I was tired when I finished.

For sweet Ali, right hand side evolving with the red sun and daisies on previous page

left side

For Lori,right side yellow red and pale green are her colors

unfinished,I made the swirl red and added some red stamping

right sidefor Sue

left side

for Carla evolving from blue tones to sunflowers

left side, I added a postage stamp border
  and some photos from the new camera........................

from the deck

the moon

my Bauhinias
I am pretty happy with how clear they are.
Have a great day!



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