Friday, August 17, 2012

Lesson for all

Hubby went to the doctor about a pain in his groin and bad back  he has had for a month now , those who read will know I had to come home from a workshop when he hurt his back. It still hadn't gotten any better and he had been self medicating with ibuprofen for the pain. At the doctors he took a turn and his blood pressure was very very low so they called an ambulance and sent him to hospital. At Gladstone Hospital they gave him blood as his red blood count was dangerously low and the rushed him by ambulance to the next largest hospital 120k away. That's where I have  been.
Now for the lesson............
It seems the ibuprofen caused his stomach to bleed his blood pressure to drop and his low red blood cell count.
I was scared to death he was going to die, he was so pale and it was all from ibuprofen!
He will be out in a couple of days they have been doing scans and tests but the scary part , the low blood count and bleeding is all in hand.
Thank God he is recovering, now is it OK if I kill him for taking too any painkillers?


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  1. Wow so stressful who would have guessed, glad all is well now hope your weekend will be more relaxing...


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