Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lost Focus

I have been so focused on getting my pics out there , any  pics, for the linky things, I have lost sight of a couple of things .
  1. That it is quality, not quantity that counts
  2. That it isn't all about getting visitors
  3. That this blog is supposed to be by me for my grandchildren to get a glimpse of my life when I am gone
  4. That followers don't = success 
  5. That it is going to take some time to learn and get better at my photos.

what's been happening..........

My middle son is home at the moment from London he was away 2 years) and I haven't even mentioned how ecstatically happy that is making me, he is 30yo, but doesn't seem it, he still has a sweet baby face and  a beguiling way that could charm the paint off a wall !  He will always be "little Donnie" to me.  He leaves on Monday to go away to work and I am so loathe to have this special time come to an end. It is like  a rare jewel to be  treasured, this time with him, truly, I believe it is  a "Gift from God" and that from a person who isn't religious at all!

I am hoping work will resume this weekend on the studio/flat that we are fitting out for my daughter. 9am and they are still yet to get started?

My beautiful dog Peggy went missing last night, she wasn't here for her dinner, so I had to go cruising around the streets calling her and getting more and more upset all the time that I might never see her again. She was here when I got back, but by then I was completely emotionally drained and just collapsed on her in tears!

Have a great Day!

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  1. Your son is so handsome and I do hope that Peggy behaves herself in the future and doesn't run off anymore!!


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