Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Got a partial diagnosis yesterday not certain yet, but its looking like John may have BONE CANCER.
Life can turn on a dime,everything is changed now.More results later in the week.
I hope this is a nightmare and I will wake up!

R.I.P previous life and round one begins................bring it on ,you are NOT getting my man!

Fingers crossed and prayers that it is all just a big mistake!


  1. Love you Lee! Big hugs and prayers--sent you an email through sketchbooks also.

  2. Oh Lee!! Honey I am so sorry! Please know that my thought nd prayers Re with you and your DH! You know I am here if you need me! Email, Skype, phone, i am here for u.

  3. So sorry Lee! I'm here if you ever need to talk. ((XO))

  4. Oh my... I am so sorry to hear this.. Know I am sending love and healing thoughts and prayers your way. If there is any way I can help or comfort you please ask.


  5. Lee-
    I, too, hope it could be a mistake, but if not, I will be praying for a miracle and that he can fight it and win!
    HUGS!!!! BIG BEAR ONES!!!!! Remember we love you and are all hear for you!

  6. You are in my heart and prayers, Lee. xoxo

  7. You are both in my thoughts. Lori de Froup

  8. These are tough times, but you are a fighter, Lee and I know that your positive attitude will make a big difference in how your story goes. Just keep the faith and we will be there for you!
    Lots of love, Gina


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