Saturday, September 1, 2012

The kitchen renovation

This old kitchen was swollen from water in some places so had to be replaced. The linoleum on the floor was way past its use by date having been laid in 1975.We had the original floorboards limed and got a kit kitchen from an auction site on the web.I didn't come with bench tops we had to buy them separately but I got a good deal by just buying what they had on special without seeing it. That way avoiding the temptation to go over budget.Keeping  the cost as low as possible was our goal.


from almost the same angle as above
We painted everything white to make it look bigger and added an old couch and dining room suite from a thrift shop, I recovered the chairs in a word print.
kitchen /dining after


the light floors add to the feeling of space

Many weeks spent lying on my tummy pulling weeds went into this!

front garden after


  1. WOW! You did a beautiful job! Someday if I ever have a house I'm remodeling, hope you won't if I send you pics for ideas!

  2. That is really exceptional and so chic. the covered chairs look very professional. Lee you are such a talented women.

    1. This is so cool, i just ripped a beautiful kitchen ,chairs around the table and color combination so beautiful,Thank you for this wonderful inspiration!

  3. Congratulation to a beautiful outcome in kitchen renovation.

  4. Cool renovation. How long you finished this renovation?

  5. Speaking of budget renovation, your renovation looks great beyond expectation. Amazing and inspiring for every home owners.

  6. Great work done with creative ideas. It prove useful for all those who are planning to rennovate. looking wonderful.

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  7. I love this well done post which give me lots of information, actually it same as the post of kitchen renovations surrey. Nice to read it.

  8. Looked that up,no idea what you are talking about surrey it seems is in Canada and I am in Austalia


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