Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back we go

John has had 3days out of hospital but goes back Sunday afternoon. He will start his second bout of Chemo.

He has really enjoyed being out of the Hospital! He went to visit my brother in intensive care and said he was pleasantly surprised that he is doing so well.I made him a card.

that's us folds in half
 I have had some time at home and go back on Wednesday. I have done some amazing things this week, been with Mum, watered my garden,

double hibiscus

 washed the dog.

 I made some pages to send away in a round robin.

her eyes move in and out

It has all been so normal and wonderful that I am dreading going back to being away from home and surrounded by sickness but he is my love and truly deserves my support so back on a plane I go, I still hate flying!


  1. Lee-so glad that you were both able to get away from the hospital for 3 days. So good for the soul!

  2. Sounds like really good therapy. Hang in dear friend.

  3. Lee, your art work is so amazing. I hope you will take some paper and pencils with you when you go back Wednesday to keep your spirits up!


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