Sunday, November 11, 2012


When John was out of hospital last week we considered a walk up the hill a couple of blocks to the Markets. He was really weak and I am fat with a bad knee,so we canned the idea because  the thought of the two of us halfway up the hill fighting over the walker was just too much! LOL!
After he had to go back in it was up to me to take his computer in the next day! He carries it in a back pack with some other VERY HEAVY stuff( unknown to me he had adjusted the straps to minimum as he only ever carries it). Because I have a sore knee I decided to wear it on my back. I called a cab and went to put it on when he blew the horn to let me know he had arrived.  It was so heavy it knocked me on my back and tied my arms to my sides which was made worse by me panicking.There I was stuck on my back waving my arms and legs madly while the taxi blew its horn!
It would have been some sight! LOL!
You can see the poor man is in good hands! LOL!

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  1. Lee--it's good you can have a sense of humor about it all!


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