Friday, December 7, 2012

December News

Johns' third Chemo went well and he is home again for 4 days before his next one which begins  Monday.
Sadly it will go over Christmas! He should be home the day after Boxing Day if all goes well for 4 more days!
I have photos for you but cant upload till I get back to Brisbane.Its as hot as in the image above, my trees are looking very sad. We need a good soaking rain.
I can hardly walk with my Osteo or rheumatoid Arthritis,I had to sleep standing up last night as my leg aches laying down. I stood beside the bed, bent at the waist and put my head on a pillow.My son, Michael, his partner and their 2 daughters arrive on the 17th of this month! Cant wait!
I am busy sending out Secret Santa and Birthday Club gifts.
I hope you enjoy the lead up to Christmas!



  1. Glad John is home for a few days. Hope your leg gets better. Enjoy Michael and family!

  2. Sounds like things are going well for John, though not nice to have to be at the hospital on Christmas. I didn't know you were having problems with your leg. I empathize with you - chronic pain is no fun at all. Take care of yourself, friend.

    Much love - xo

  3. Sounds like some progress is being made. Sorry you are having issues too. Take care of yourself and enjoy all those around you.

  4. And that my dear is one of the many reasons I love you so much. With all the HUGE things happening in your life there you are sending out Secret Santa and Birthday Club gifts -- always doing things for others. You have a bottomless heart, Lee. I hate the thought of you being so uncomfortable when you sleep. Have you tried a pair of compression socks or stockings for sleeping? Do you think that might help with the discomfort any?


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