Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No Christmas Today

It's Christmas day here but no Johnny and no Christmas for us we are waiting for him to come home and that's been put back to Friday as his platelets haven't come up and it's deemed too risky! The children are 12 months and 3yrs and don't know the difference. As for me I have no wish to find out what its like to have Christmas without him,ever!

Merry Christmas! PEACE and JOY to the world.

Amazing trick the face I see looks totally unalike the one I have been staring at?



  1. Absolutely amazing what our brains do with the information we take in!!

  2. Lee, my heart hurts with yours. I'm not sure if this is your spouse or a child. I went through it with my husband of 25 years and then again with my son who was 42. I can only hope he gets well and your lives can assume some normalcy. I wish you the best.

    1. He is my beloved husband and thanks for your support,it helps a lot!


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