Friday, March 23, 2012

Is Laziness wrecking my life?

I have a wonderful idea for an artwork but I am too lazy to start on it. I am not too lazy to lead a decent life, I take care of my old Mum and cook her meals,take her out etc., buy her what she needs,or to be a wife, or renovate a house with hubby, or spoil the pets.
But, I am too lazy to do those special things that make life zing! Climb a mountain, go on a diet, start an exercise regime, learn a foreign language, improve myself, paint more, learn more, give more of myself.
I did a life expectancy quiz today and I have 24 yrs.
Pop over and see what your life expectancy is and maybe re-think what is left,start a "bucket list"?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Unveiling and news

Although it not entirely finished I couldn't wait any longer to show my daughter the work we have done on the shack.She took heaps of pics of which I will post some when she sends them to me  but here is a preview.
One of the gardens

after countless hours of lying on my tummy in the front yard weeding

As for the news,we are getting a pup to play with peggy (our kelpie) who has been bereft since the passing of my two beloved pets in January. Here he is,he will be here on April3.
we will name him Jimmy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New technique

I am doing some Tim Tags for a swap and I didn't particularly like his background on this months tag nor did I have the things necessary to re -create it so and didn't have any brown paint handy so I decided to make some using ink and gel medium..I looked around for a stamp and found a piece of textured paper that had been sent to me( see below) and used it.When it dried it wasn't dark enough so I painted it with ink and got this really cool resist effect from the medium.

I will use this technique again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Anniversary

I have been away this week that's why I was so quiet, we are close to putting the finishing touches on our shack we are renovating and its all very exciting.
Our wedding Anniversary fell this weekend so we celebrated with garlic prawn salad for lunch and a walk on the beach and with fish and chips and champagne for dinner!
I am a big girl and struggling to the beach down a soft sand path was difficult enough and drenched me with sweat but I wanted to take the dogs with us too! My Bad! The Chihuahua had never been to the beach before and sniffed every smelly thing he could find and got soaking wet and covered in sweat as well and then refused to walk home so I had to carry him, so there I was ,sun setting in the west smelling like an old bag of bait mixed with a healthy dose of wet dog and perspiration, not exactly romantic!
my anniversary flowers