Monday, October 29, 2012

A card from a friend

Thanks so much Pam Yee for keeping us in your thoughts,this lovely card was very much appreciated!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Sickfellas

My sickfellas are doing great!

I am staying in the luekemia foundation village and it is just wonderful!. If you ever get the chance, DONATE ,they do fabulous work!
Its Sunday and stinking hot here in the city.I can't go anywhere other than hospitals as I have a really sore leg and that's as much as it will take, besides,  I might get lost, LOL!What a country bumpkin I have turned into, you wouldn't believe I was city raised until I was 16yo would you!
Take Care!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back we go

John has had 3days out of hospital but goes back Sunday afternoon. He will start his second bout of Chemo.

He has really enjoyed being out of the Hospital! He went to visit my brother in intensive care and said he was pleasantly surprised that he is doing so well.I made him a card.

that's us folds in half
 I have had some time at home and go back on Wednesday. I have done some amazing things this week, been with Mum, watered my garden,

double hibiscus

 washed the dog.

 I made some pages to send away in a round robin.

her eyes move in and out

It has all been so normal and wonderful that I am dreading going back to being away from home and surrounded by sickness but he is my love and truly deserves my support so back on a plane I go, I still hate flying!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby steps

my wonderful daughter who is doing so much for us!

my brother and I a few years ago
I am home this week and my daughter is with hubby. I went and saw my brother in ICU and he was damaged but present and I got a big smile!

Hubby is rock bottom this week,chemo is horrible!
I go back to the city on Thursday,we have been moved to accommodation provided by the
Leukemia Society.
Its wonderful to be home to recharge my batteries and see to my old Mum.John and I talk at least 3 times a day!
Its great sleeping with my dogs in my own bed,though its starting to smell like them I don't care ,I need the cuddles.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


starting with a nice pic.................

Here I am in the big city, what a culture shock after 30yrs in a regional town.I only go from the rooms we are renting to the oncology ward and back.That assures I don't get lost LOL! The hospital itself is like a futuristic city from a space show.It goes for blocks in all directions. I was watching the pattern in the carpet the other day and ended up in the wrong ward. It (the carpet) must have been purpose designed for the building and has borders and feature inserts.I wonder who decides the cost of custom made carpet is not better spent on medical research? I have rented a computer so I can keep in touch and get food delivered as I have had a bad leg since June and cant walk any distance. I am getting stronger though coming up the small hill to the Hillcrest is getting easier! Yay ,every cloud has a silver lining!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Lymphoma

Sometimes we have to find a way to get comfortable in a place we never thought we'd fit
We went to the city for a diagnosis and some tests,
they came back Lymphoma and he is in chemo now.
I need to be with him in the city but I have my Mum to look after. My sister and her daughters are not interested in helping but my dear brother came up ( from a southern state) to look after her.While he was here his dog, his one and only friend and companion for the last 16 years, died. He had to leave to take him home to be buried. On his way back he rolled his car and is in critical condition in hospital. I am back here with Mum but need to be in the city with John. My son (Peter) may sit with her until my daughter who has been (wonderful ) filling in for me in the city returns.I hate flying but have had to get over that and do what I must.