Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas on the 28th

John finally made it home and Christmas was great!

Jess 3yrs

Silvie and Michael

Jess ready for bed
water fun
We had almost the whole family here and everyone was great
wild hibiscus in my drink

Mum came too

around the Barbie

Jo and Fab




Tuesday, December 25, 2012

No Christmas Today

It's Christmas day here but no Johnny and no Christmas for us we are waiting for him to come home and that's been put back to Friday as his platelets haven't come up and it's deemed too risky! The children are 12 months and 3yrs and don't know the difference. As for me I have no wish to find out what its like to have Christmas without him,ever!

Merry Christmas! PEACE and JOY to the world.

Amazing trick the face I see looks totally unalike the one I have been staring at?


Friday, December 14, 2012

It's good News Week

I was holding off on posting as I had photos I wanted to share and forgot to bring my phone to the city with me.BUT..................
John was supposed to be spending Christmas in hospital,  his doctor said he will try and get him home Xmas eve night! FABULOUS!!! leg which has been unbearably sore is getting better, still sore at night but I can walk again and am heading off to the shops to prove it! I am taking papaya supplements ( only 2wks so far) and am giving them the credit. I have been suffering with this leg since June and am overjoyed with finally making progress! I am in the city with John now but am expecting to go home Sunday to get ready for my guests.
My brother who was in hospital is now staying with my sister who works at the very same hospital where John is .The next floor actually.  I have only seen her once and John twice for 5mins since he got sick. Loving isn't she?I am hurt and disappointed but am not going to let it get to me.I have so much to be happy about!



Friday, December 7, 2012

December News

Johns' third Chemo went well and he is home again for 4 days before his next one which begins  Monday.
Sadly it will go over Christmas! He should be home the day after Boxing Day if all goes well for 4 more days!
I have photos for you but cant upload till I get back to Brisbane.Its as hot as in the image above, my trees are looking very sad. We need a good soaking rain.
I can hardly walk with my Osteo or rheumatoid Arthritis,I had to sleep standing up last night as my leg aches laying down. I stood beside the bed, bent at the waist and put my head on a pillow.My son, Michael, his partner and their 2 daughters arrive on the 17th of this month! Cant wait!
I am busy sending out Secret Santa and Birthday Club gifts.
I hope you enjoy the lead up to Christmas!