Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to / A great idea and useful!

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I loved this idea an began immediately on a box to put mine in. As we have no money at the moment with John sick I am doing the thrifty recycled version!
I used an ice cream box, cut the top off it and sat it on the bottom for
reinforcement, you can see the tags in it I used to estimate the size
I  spread white acrylic paint with a credit card
I sprayed it with brown dylusions ink
it came out so nice I was tempted to stop here.
other side
here I am trying some antiqued lace against it
When I went to glue the lace on there was pink on my glue stick, it got a bit bright so I knocked it back with some beige.
I had some Tim Holtz feet laying around and here is the finished product
I have since added a thin gold line about 1.8" in from the edge of the label, it needed it I thought!


  1. Your box looks amazing! You'd never guess how it started its life (as an ice cream box)! Very cool!

  2. I love your box idea! What a great way to recycle and get something new at the same time. It looks great too, I like the lace on it.

  3. Lee, what a wonderful transformation! I might just have to copy this idea to store my 6x6 stencils.

  4. What a great idea Lee!! Amazing how your ice cream box changed!!! LOL!!


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