Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A NEW year


A new year and I hope a better one.
When I closed my blog last year after losing 2 beloved 15y old pets little did I know what an annus horribilus it was going to be!
Within the next six months my mother would have a stroke and my brother a serious car accident putting him in ICU.He is walking now but only just.
My husband was diagnosed with Non- hodgkins lymphoma on his birthday and we began treatment immediately.
We are now 3 months into that treatment and half way!
We live in 2 places, in Brisbane at the hospital and home when we can get here. My daughter and I share being with John.
With the birth of a new year, my  hope is for a full remission and a life together again!


  1. Wishing you and John a healthy and happy New Year!!

  2. Oh Lee, I know what you mean about a horrible year! Let's focus instead on having an "Annus Terrificus" for 2013!


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