Friday, March 15, 2013

Playing catch up

Home just for a day or so and back to the hospital tomorrow, it has been a bit overwhelming of late,so I haven't been keeping up my posts.
John is doing well he is the bravest ,most wonderful man in the world.
I was paying Gary Reef for tutoring but my Muse ran off!Back in the driver seat now!
She is back now and I have done some tags to leave at the hospital and  brighten someones day .
I am a member of the Art Abandonment group.I left about 25 last week!
This is a house for Valerie's kitchen wall she is hanging a collection.

These are to be abandoned in the Oncology wing of the Mater Hospital.

 reverted to Zetti as its quick,easy and so much fun to do!
Some painting beginnings............................

I am off off and away! Loving working small for the moment
I have my grandson for the day,its great!


  1. I love that you are leaving your abanoned art at the hospital-such a wonderful idea. Glad John is perservering and you too-have a fun day with your grandson.

  2. Great tags, and I love the cause!!
    Take care.


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