Monday, April 29, 2013


I love a cup of coffee in the morning ,in fact,don't function well without it but
for some reason if I have seconds it makes me feel ill. Regretting it this morning!
A busy day ahead,I have to take my brothers dog to the vet as it's ear
 is all swollen and I will take my little chi,Larry too as he has bad teeth.
Trying not to think of the cost.
I have to make an appointment for Mum at the doctors.
As much as I LOVE looking after her sometimes she is as much
 trouble as quintuplets! LOL!
I need to post stuff away for ebay and go to the chemist for fish oil,
speaking of which I need fish food for the goldfish too!
I have been over looking at a friends blog,she is an amazing talented journaller and lovely woman . Sometimes she is the only one who visits here for months on end.
Does your family visit your blog?
I hope John is feeling a bit better today. He has had NIL energy since being home this time. Only one more chemo session to go. Please sleep with your fingers crossed for us!


  1. I understand it gets so very tiring getting towards the end of chemo--glad to know he has only one more session to go!!

  2. I am so wishing the best for your husband, Lee, on his last treatment. It does sound like you have a busy day coming up! I hate days like that when all I really want to do is stay home and make some art. Oh well... such is life.


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