Monday, April 29, 2013

ebaying for my granddaughter

My little Jessie!

My Son (one of them)and his partner(a wonderful girl) live in far North Queensland and there aren't a lot of shops.
When I was a girl, we were pretty poor as Mum was a widow,I always loved getting a bag of grow-into's,clothes
 from an older cousin or friend that no longer fit her. It was a joy I still remember!
So I like to send my granddaughter Jessica grow-into's as she doesn't have older cousins who share.
I have been ebaying for her and here are some of my bargains.If only postage wasn't so dear!
Her Mum doesnt like denim,disney or Dora and they don't have winter
 where they are so I have a few guidelines I must follow.I can't explain how much joy doing this brings me.
I think you might have to be a Nanny to understand how you long to make them smile, to see them happy!
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  1. what a fun way to shop for her--that little polka dot ensemble is adorable!

  2. Lee - your grand-daughter is so precious and she is lucky to have a loving, thoughtful grandmother like you. You did well finding those adorable clothes on Ebay!


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