Wednesday, June 5, 2013

so good to feel well again!

I have been sick with a fever, runny nose and chesty cough for a week! I had to leave Brisbane because
I couldn't visit John when I was like that. He had his own infections to fight, he has been very wheezy!
This morning, though, we both feel we have turned the corner and are on the mend!
This means that with luck he may be home by the weekend! Joanne is there with him but caught the same cold and can't be
near him either!
The sun is shining but the nights are cold, first cold winter here for about 5 yrs.
I haven't been able to be near Mum either but maybe today I can give her a hug!
I can't believe it is finally coming to an end............................No I will shut up for fear of jinxing us!

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  1. So glad that you are feeling better and that you can have John home now for awhile and both of you can just enjoy being!!


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