Thursday, August 22, 2013

Am I a hoarder?

Here's an idea I love, I collect IDEAS for ONE DAY! Lately I am a bit worried about my collecting.

 Last year I collected Mad Max
 and rocks and insects for one of my grand-sons. I also collected Polly Pockets for my grand- daughters.

Now I am collecting Barbies for the girls, woops and some they wont be allowed to de-box?? What's with that? Barbie looses her value the minute she is de-boxed so I guess some may be mine?
Did you know that Barbies full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts?

I love this one because she has the original pushed in face of the one on the card above. It disappeared pretty early and is much coveted.
This one is for Jessie, you get to colour in the sparkles yourself and then stick them on the dress. I am hoping her mother will allow it because she will be creating and expressing herself,
 her Mum doesn't approve of Barbie!

I will post some more  pics of our holiday
and my Birthday soon. I have to send them to myself from my I-phone.

Did I  mention the Arts and Crafts stuff I have collected!

I think I may have a problem?

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  1. Millicent Rogers was a famous patron of the arts in New Mexico--there is a fabulous museum in Santa Fe housing all her treasures.


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