Friday, August 9, 2013


I haven't posted because I can't talk with my heart in my mouth and that's where its been for the last month or more with John getting out of hospital but being very ill and getting no better. He was back in Gladstone hospital, then air lifted to Brisbane, back in for 3 weeks and then home this week. He is finally starting to improve and is growing a little hair.
 We are going for a weeks holiday while my brother is here to look after mum! Let the healing begin!
PS. I will have a birthday while I am away and turn 63.OMG!


  1. Lee-I didn't know that he was so ill again and had to be airlifted! So sorry, but glad he is doing better now and you are both off on a well deserved vacation!! Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Hugs!

  2. Happy to hear he is on the mend. A terrible year for you. Sending warm vibes for speedy recovery and enjoyable vacation.

  3. Dearest Lee, Enjoy your vacation together. Time to rest, time to heal. Hugs to both of you!


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