Friday, January 11, 2013

The loungeroom Renovation

Not much space and a 15yr old couch to re-use. The good news is it folds down to make an extra double bed.

Before shots (it was originally the main bedroom)



We painted the whole place white to maximize the feeling of space as we did the whole house, I thoroughly recommend doing this makers it look bigger and fresh and new and there is no visual line between the walls and ceiling. It seems to add height too.

old sliding door leading to the kitchen

window and wall we cut holes in to open it up to kitchen

looking back into thr kitchen from the lounge
other side of the room and Kelly Moore paiting
corner of lounge

here you can see the cut outs from the kitchen side
These cut outs served the purpose of combining the rooms while keeping a sense of coziness and intimacy in the lounge. It was also lot cheaper than taking out the whole wall and adding a big metal support beam.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to / A great idea and useful!

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I loved this idea an began immediately on a box to put mine in. As we have no money at the moment with John sick I am doing the thrifty recycled version!
I used an ice cream box, cut the top off it and sat it on the bottom for
reinforcement, you can see the tags in it I used to estimate the size
I  spread white acrylic paint with a credit card
I sprayed it with brown dylusions ink
it came out so nice I was tempted to stop here.
other side
here I am trying some antiqued lace against it
When I went to glue the lace on there was pink on my glue stick, it got a bit bright so I knocked it back with some beige.
I had some Tim Holtz feet laying around and here is the finished product
I have since added a thin gold line about 1.8" in from the edge of the label, it needed it I thought!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A NEW year


A new year and I hope a better one.
When I closed my blog last year after losing 2 beloved 15y old pets little did I know what an annus horribilus it was going to be!
Within the next six months my mother would have a stroke and my brother a serious car accident putting him in ICU.He is walking now but only just.
My husband was diagnosed with Non- hodgkins lymphoma on his birthday and we began treatment immediately.
We are now 3 months into that treatment and half way!
We live in 2 places, in Brisbane at the hospital and home when we can get here. My daughter and I share being with John.
With the birth of a new year, my  hope is for a full remission and a life together again!

Happy new year