Monday, April 29, 2013

Jessie in some of her new clothes

John catching some rays in the backyard

ebaying for my granddaughter

My little Jessie!

My Son (one of them)and his partner(a wonderful girl) live in far North Queensland and there aren't a lot of shops.
When I was a girl, we were pretty poor as Mum was a widow,I always loved getting a bag of grow-into's,clothes
 from an older cousin or friend that no longer fit her. It was a joy I still remember!
So I like to send my granddaughter Jessica grow-into's as she doesn't have older cousins who share.
I have been ebaying for her and here are some of my bargains.If only postage wasn't so dear!
Her Mum doesnt like denim,disney or Dora and they don't have winter
 where they are so I have a few guidelines I must follow.I can't explain how much joy doing this brings me.
I think you might have to be a Nanny to understand how you long to make them smile, to see them happy!
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I love a cup of coffee in the morning ,in fact,don't function well without it but
for some reason if I have seconds it makes me feel ill. Regretting it this morning!
A busy day ahead,I have to take my brothers dog to the vet as it's ear
 is all swollen and I will take my little chi,Larry too as he has bad teeth.
Trying not to think of the cost.
I have to make an appointment for Mum at the doctors.
As much as I LOVE looking after her sometimes she is as much
 trouble as quintuplets! LOL!
I need to post stuff away for ebay and go to the chemist for fish oil,
speaking of which I need fish food for the goldfish too!
I have been over looking at a friends blog,she is an amazing talented journaller and lovely woman . Sometimes she is the only one who visits here for months on end.
Does your family visit your blog?
I hope John is feeling a bit better today. He has had NIL energy since being home this time. Only one more chemo session to go. Please sleep with your fingers crossed for us!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


We had a lovely day,totally unplanned, we spent nearly all of it on the verandah with the kids,Fabian and Joanne.We did crosswords discussed the world,ate a cheese snack platter. 
Just a lovely lazy day!
Tonight we are sharing roast pork dinner!John is cooking! I love having him home from the hospital!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013


So sorry I have been so quiet but I have spent every spare minute at home making tags to take to the cancer centre,I love making them. 
I made about 40 of them for Abandoned Art
I leave to go back the day after tomorrow.After this only one more session of chemo! YAY! My mother can't believe anyone would want them but I think I would be pleased to find something someone made for me if I was ill.I try not to pay attention to naysayers,there are so many of them LOL! 
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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I am Afraid but it wouldn't be popular to say so. People are afraid of fear, even other peoples, as if it was contagious.You must say you are "fine" all the time because if you are not, no-one wants to know! Courage brings respect but fear sends people scrambling for the safety of not knowing. They would just rather not know. Maybe because we are all afraid sometimes and we would rather not be reminded.

Once when I was skydiving I got caught in a tree about 70ft from the ground. The fire department was called but didn't have a ladder long enough and we were told that the army were due to conduct some sort of exercises in the area and I had to  get out of there. I was being brave and joking for a while but had a little private melt down after about 45mins, luckily no one knew and I was heralded as brave. I didn't want to admit to my melt down because no one wanted to deal with the fact that I was a grizzling baby, much better for all of us to believe I was brave.

Another time I will always remember was when my eldest son was in intensive care for trying to kill himself and I rang my Mum. I just wanted to curl up in a ball in her arms and sob. She told me " put your head up and your shoulders back and go in there (to ICU) and deal with whatever you must!" I will always remember her words. 
That is what I have to do now with my husband sick with cancer 600kms away and and my dear old mum becoming frailer every day. My daughter isn't helping look after  him any more and I am alone but for one son who works away 2 weeks in 3. So now I must juggle my time between the two and I am scared to death that something will happen to Mum  while I am away. I am also scared of flying, scared of losing him, scared I won't measure up or will make stupid mistakes. Scared to admit to being scared because so many wonderful brave people cope with so much more every day!
my brothers car after the accident that he hasnt recoverred from yet
the world is still a beautiful place!