Saturday, September 14, 2013


I can't believe I was so stupid after all this time on line I fell for one of the" oldest tricks in the book" and did what we all know NOT to do and gave up all my personal information! What is worse NO ONE cares! After receiving a receipt for a payment through PayPal for an item I didn't purchase, I
stupidly  clicked the link cancel payment, incensed that someone had used my account to pay for something I ignored the warning bells in my head and provided my private details, including drivers license etc. for security reasons in order to stop payment.
When the penny finally dropped, I rang the police, because they( the crooks) could identify themselves as me. They politely told me to go away and to ring a Scam website, who also told me politely to go away. I cancelled my credit card and changed my PayPal password ( these people were at least helpful).
I remain very concerned that they know the answers to my security questions (which I also changed), as well as my license number but cannot see what can be done about it. I will contact the Dept. of Transport today and see if I can get a new license, meanwhile, I am cardless for 10 days!
I thought someone would want to catch these crooks! NO way! Thinking of a career in crime? This is the way to go!

the cat was all over the keyboard while I typed this! LOL!