Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I haven't said a word in ages, the part of me that writes and paints and shares with others has shut down completely.I am not even crafting.For a while I was selling Barbie dolls on eBay to make up for buying Barbie dolls on eBay at a time when we can least afford it and then it hit me.Its that usual urge we get to buy stuff when we are broke, it often happens.
John is working part time and money is at last dribbling in but my buying binge was still pretty silly.
Peter and the kids are staying with us while they wait for a house and I am loving having them except their dog is causing my cat to leave home.
Fingers crossed she comes out of hiding when they leave.
Mum is well, I am taking her to the doctor this morning, just a check up.
Mostly I am just hiding from the world and enjoying my husband. It is such a miracle to have him back! I thank God for every precious moment!