Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TUESDAY in my garden

With the weather finally cooling a little it is the best time to get out into my garden .I will post some photo updates about what is happening. I have been mollycoddling my Datura  and awaiting its first flowering and it has finally happened. Although it was supposed to be red and it is actually a very pretty pink I am not disappointed.

I don't know what this is its a shrub my son gave me ,a brilliant colour and very thirsty!

this is my pink Datura isn't it amazing!

crucifix orchid, ,first flower this season, ,a dozen more buds!

we have a gully that runs down the side of the house and we are filling it with has just about finished flowering for the season

I am also posting some pics from Pinterest of gardens you might like!




  1. Thanks so much for sharing at Home Sweet Garden this week! ♥ Brooke ♥


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