Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blog advice

I often wonder how much to share and what's off limits so I posed that very question in a forum and got some good advice.
As Mum is getting on and her memory isn't the greatest most days I thought I might (as advised, LOL!) repeat some of the things she has told me.

Her name is Marcelle, she always wanted me to call one of my children after her but at the time I thought it was a big ask? I don't think that now but it is easy to be wise half a century later!
A dear friend of the family and my Dad was rescued sheltered by the french underground in France during  WW2.  Apparently the family who looked after him had a child, Marcelle, who died and he swore that when and if he got home and had a child he would name it Marcelle. He did get home but never had children and Mums' Mum and Dad obliged and called their last born babe Marcelle.
This is an old powder compact Mum had with Dad's photo on it in the war,try as I may I can't keep it from deteriorating!

Mum now.........Mum loves to open parcels so I take my eBay buys in for her to open LOL!
Mums old dog is on his last legs ( dementia) but she cant bear the thought of having him put down

Mum with her first-born Bertha Robin

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