Friday, December 26, 2014

A Limited Success

The poincianas are stunning everywhere this year a real Christmas flower!

by the railway crossing

in town

near the bridge

my little dwarfed one

Christmas was a limited success.

Waking in the morning with just the two of us and the dogs was nice, not sad, like I had expected.
We strolled into Mums about 11.30am in the hope that the rush was over but it wasn't more visitors arrived and crowded into her bedroom as it's the only air conditioned room in the house!
 Mum wanted to move into the lounge but Tammy and I resisted as fat girls really feel the heat so Mum started carrying on like a spoiled child and (which she is these days) so I left which we would have done anyway as soon as it got crowded.
We always have a tug-of-war over Mum at Christmas and no-one  goes near her the rest of the year except me, her daily carer!
 My Mum barely understands what's happening some times and is spoiling for a fight the next.
This year we went back the next  day when the others were gone and did Christmas with her.She was happy with that.

reindeer's made by my grand daughter for their tree

reindeer Dante made and brought with him and gave to Poppy

Lunch at Jo's was lovely except for the heat and the food! She has her house and garden looking lovely and has taken up painting. So much so that I got her the easel she asked for for her birthday on Dec 28.
I bought pre-peeled prawns this year to make it easy and they just didn't have any flavour and my sweet was a flop too. I wasn't keen on the texture of the canolli shells, too tough. If it was flakier they could have been really nice. Jo said next time stick to what you do best and that's chocolate grog cake LOL!
Took no Christmas photos this year except of the garden which is looking great after a little rain.

my double white datura

my variegated hibiscus

miniature variegated umbrella tree bush


  1. Is a poinciana the same as what we call a poinsetta?? If so I never knew they grew into trees!! Those are gorgeous. You have soe fabulous plants and birds over there!!

  2. I so enjoy seeing a garden in bloom at this time of year - just beautiful! Happy holidays!


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