Monday, December 1, 2014

Another Cure

Mum always swore by castor oil as a cure for skin cancers she swears she got rid of scores of them by keeping a bottle nearby and applying whenever she thought of it.
Mum spent a LOT of time in the sun and I mean a lot, she gardened and golfed (all the time)and fished all without sunscreen.I am giving it a go as I have a rather nasty spot that I am keen to be rid of.
This is day 3, I know, I know I should have taken day1 but you will just have to believe me it was much worse.The scab is gone and the redness reduced by 1/2.
I am not saying this is a skin cancer, more than likely a small lump that I picked untill it was sore.
 It's a bit nasty though so I thought I would give the castor oil a go!

Look at all the age spots,when I was young Mum always said I had beautiful skin,well not anymore LOL!

I realized that I don't tell you much about myself so here are a few things. My companions ( and I mean all day every day!) at the moment are Peggy a pedigreed brown kelpie (I mention that because the word kelpie is used to describe many dogs that just aren't).They have a particular sense of entitlement like the dog in the movie RED DOG in fact he could easily have been our last kelpie Norman playing that part.

here she is with my grandson Dante, she is incredibly loving!

This is Beryl our rescue cat, she was so wild when we got her, now she is a demanding cuddle lover

This is Larry my "loving teddy bear" soft and fluffy and cuddly and Jim our pedigreed Black Kelpie. He is a gentle sweetheart!

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