Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas day!

Firstly, I thought Christmas was Wednesday and it turns out it is Thursday!
We have a huge snake on the back deck and the dogs wont leave it alone so I have to wait at home until the snake catcher can come and remove it for fear the dogs worry it into biting them!
I have to drop Mum and Tammy's families gifts off at Mum's place  today and if I can get around to it buy two potted plants for Joanne's Birthday on the 28th! My baby will be 30yo.
The "Snake man" just rang, I will try and get some photos!

This year we are going out to Joannes place for Christmas lunch for the fist time!I will be taking barbecued prawns and Ricotta filled Cannoli.

don't know why it shows upside down?

          I don't know what she is making!
When I was a child we had hot roast chicken with hot pudding with money in it and hot custard. I never really like dried fruit but I ate the pudding for the money!

Here is the snake it was harmless!

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  1. I don't like that snake!! How interesting to live somewhere that there is actually a person whose job it is to be a snake handler!! Have a Merry Christmas with your family Lee!!


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