Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April in my garden

If you don't have a background visible just hit refresh and it will change.....................

We had a great weekend this weekend in the garden with the cooler weather, mind you its still very hot in the sun. I did some potting up and am trying to strike some cuttings.
the mock orange is in flower at the moment and its heady scent is delightful


mock orange

not sure of the real name of this vine, I like to mimic nature and let it roam free

this is a tapioca,  a wonderful plant and one of my all time favourites as it has everything a plant needs ,colour, contrast and hardy!

the cats whiskers is coming into flower



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TUESDAY in my garden

With the weather finally cooling a little it is the best time to get out into my garden .I will post some photo updates about what is happening. I have been mollycoddling my Datura  and awaiting its first flowering and it has finally happened. Although it was supposed to be red and it is actually a very pretty pink I am not disappointed.

I don't know what this is its a shrub my son gave me ,a brilliant colour and very thirsty!

this is my pink Datura isn't it amazing!

crucifix orchid, ,first flower this season, ,a dozen more buds!

we have a gully that runs down the side of the house and we are filling it with frangipani.it has just about finished flowering for the season

I am also posting some pics from Pinterest of gardens you might like!



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Like the white rabbit... .I am late

This brilliant almost fluorescent orange hibiscus is flowering at the moment, they are great sturdy plant and I have put some down by the Dam (or large puddle). I hope to show you one day.

on the bush

on the bush

double pink hibiscus

 my miniature climbing rose

Scarlet Salvia in a pot, it is coming up in all the pots around it.
It is a lovely time of year to be out in the garden, except for the middle of the day when it is still too hot. Let's retire to the deck for a little refreshment.

Sunrise from the deck this morning

 I LOVE these chairs! LOL!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday again......so soon

OK, I am back, making a point of trying to be consistent.

above is my sky today

native grass trees proliferate on the hill behind our backyard, on our block, we have 5 acres,
I wish it was 30 in the middle of nowhere but John needs to commute to work

Our property behind my back yard
This is a screensaver from the web, but for the mist, not that different, I don't think........
I call this one "up the gum tree" LOL!  It's the bark looking up from the bottom.


my dog (Peggy) watching my goldfish, I am trying to grow duckweed and tiny water -lillies  in here

 the cutest cakes ever!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Garden

I have been forced out of Blog retirement (ie. laziness and an inability to share and communicate, sometimes, I just pull back inside my shell like a tortoise).
Here are some shots of my garden of which I am particularly fond.

My white Brugmasia or "Angels trumpet" 100% toxic,100% beautiful!

An explosion of little mushrooms after the rain

Up our driveway

Down our Driveway

My potted petunias