Friday, July 18, 2014

Things to do

My sister passed through recently on her way to Art camp and asked why I was so busy, I told her I had things to do to get ready for the party. Why? she asked.
I have enjoyed every moment! LOL!

table decorations


table cloth

my butterflies

my attempt at a butterfly LOL!

JULY 2014

I am getting ready for a visit.  My grand-daughters are coming ( with their parents, of course).I will get to see my darling son ,his wonderful lady and my girls!
Silvie is having a Birthday only days after arriving and she wants a butterfly theme so I am busy making butterflies!
I copied the pattern with PSP printed these out, added sparkles and fruit pastilles!

I bought these

I have these cut and ready for the little girls to make on the day!

I wasn't going to make a pinjata but my grandson insisted when he was here last week, mine is now half done!

I have these ready for the girls to put together

I copied an invitation added eye holes and made a heap of butterfly masks!

healthy treats to keep Mum happy

I LOVE this idea, I have an empty frame I will decorate and everyone goes home with a momento of the party! 

I found this idea on face book, I have the cones and cake mix ready!

mine didn't turn out exactly as pictured but they will do!

I bought face paint!

I couldn't resist these, cheap from China

edible butterflies for the cakes

I bought these cheap from China to put the take home gift in

I made tons of these

temporary butterfly tattoos for the day

I have bout these for $1 each from China ( though they aren't here yet) as take home gifts to
put in the cute butterfly boxes
and I have strung tons of butterflies ( I made myself with the help of my grandson Dante) on fishing line to hang from the ceiling!
I made hats to with feather bower round the base for the the girl's to decorate with butterflies
Isn't it going to be fun!
I hope she likes it!
She is turning three!