Wednesday, December 31, 2014

its great being a grandma!

Dante recieves his high acheivement award for maths
The girls received their "Frozen" dresses I got them for Christmas!

Monday, December 29, 2014

From Wikepedia a 2014 summary




Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia AL (MAS) 9M-MRO - MSN 28420 404 (9272090094).jpg  March 8: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370










old Calliope river bridge 2014


Friday, December 26, 2014

A Limited Success

The poincianas are stunning everywhere this year a real Christmas flower!

by the railway crossing

in town

near the bridge

my little dwarfed one

Christmas was a limited success.

Waking in the morning with just the two of us and the dogs was nice, not sad, like I had expected.
We strolled into Mums about 11.30am in the hope that the rush was over but it wasn't more visitors arrived and crowded into her bedroom as it's the only air conditioned room in the house!
 Mum wanted to move into the lounge but Tammy and I resisted as fat girls really feel the heat so Mum started carrying on like a spoiled child and (which she is these days) so I left which we would have done anyway as soon as it got crowded.
We always have a tug-of-war over Mum at Christmas and no-one  goes near her the rest of the year except me, her daily carer!
 My Mum barely understands what's happening some times and is spoiling for a fight the next.
This year we went back the next  day when the others were gone and did Christmas with her.She was happy with that.

reindeer's made by my grand daughter for their tree

reindeer Dante made and brought with him and gave to Poppy

Lunch at Jo's was lovely except for the heat and the food! She has her house and garden looking lovely and has taken up painting. So much so that I got her the easel she asked for for her birthday on Dec 28.
I bought pre-peeled prawns this year to make it easy and they just didn't have any flavour and my sweet was a flop too. I wasn't keen on the texture of the canolli shells, too tough. If it was flakier they could have been really nice. Jo said next time stick to what you do best and that's chocolate grog cake LOL!
Took no Christmas photos this year except of the garden which is looking great after a little rain.

my double white datura

my variegated hibiscus

miniature variegated umbrella tree bush

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Christmas day!

Firstly, I thought Christmas was Wednesday and it turns out it is Thursday!
We have a huge snake on the back deck and the dogs wont leave it alone so I have to wait at home until the snake catcher can come and remove it for fear the dogs worry it into biting them!
I have to drop Mum and Tammy's families gifts off at Mum's place  today and if I can get around to it buy two potted plants for Joanne's Birthday on the 28th! My baby will be 30yo.
The "Snake man" just rang, I will try and get some photos!

This year we are going out to Joannes place for Christmas lunch for the fist time!I will be taking barbecued prawns and Ricotta filled Cannoli.

don't know why it shows upside down?

          I don't know what she is making!
When I was a child we had hot roast chicken with hot pudding with money in it and hot custard. I never really like dried fruit but I ate the pudding for the money!

Here is the snake it was harmless!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Terrorism reaches Australia

2 people were killed plus the terrorist when police stormed the building.
people were killed plus the terrorist when police stormed the building.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Peculiar to our times/your help needed

As this blog is to eventually be printed, it's for my grand kids (leave a message and be preserved for posterity) I must mention a few things peculiar to the time in which we live. I believe many of the problems that exist now will be unheard off in the future in which my grand-children live I just hope they aren't fresh air and water!
School shootings
Schoolies week
please help me with this list and when its compiled I can try to explain them or indeed explain them yourself as I dont know how to.

Another Cure

Mum always swore by castor oil as a cure for skin cancers she swears she got rid of scores of them by keeping a bottle nearby and applying whenever she thought of it.
Mum spent a LOT of time in the sun and I mean a lot, she gardened and golfed (all the time)and fished all without sunscreen.I am giving it a go as I have a rather nasty spot that I am keen to be rid of.
This is day 3, I know, I know I should have taken day1 but you will just have to believe me it was much worse.The scab is gone and the redness reduced by 1/2.
I am not saying this is a skin cancer, more than likely a small lump that I picked untill it was sore.
 It's a bit nasty though so I thought I would give the castor oil a go!

Look at all the age spots,when I was young Mum always said I had beautiful skin,well not anymore LOL!

I realized that I don't tell you much about myself so here are a few things. My companions ( and I mean all day every day!) at the moment are Peggy a pedigreed brown kelpie (I mention that because the word kelpie is used to describe many dogs that just aren't).They have a particular sense of entitlement like the dog in the movie RED DOG in fact he could easily have been our last kelpie Norman playing that part.

here she is with my grandson Dante, she is incredibly loving!

This is Beryl our rescue cat, she was so wild when we got her, now she is a demanding cuddle lover

This is Larry my "loving teddy bear" soft and fluffy and cuddly and Jim our pedigreed Black Kelpie. He is a gentle sweetheart!

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