Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Journal Art Challenge: The Color Wheel

January 17
Art Challenge:  The Color Wheel

Journal Prompt:  "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way . . . “    - Georgia O’Keefe

I love muted tones and minimalist art.  I love simplicity but my work always ends up bright and cluttered and so does my house so does garden and so does my stew (so does my  life). I guess we just are who we are........

this snagged  photo celebrates both the joy of color and my love of nature
I have moved to  new  book with stronger pages but some of the pages had been used a couple of years ago when I did a journal page exercises prompt thingo with Vintage and UK yahoo group (wonderful ladies). We were experimenting with copying the styles of well known journallers. I can't remember whose work we were up to when I did this page but I chose to do my new page for Jan17 2015 along side it. I like the two to have some relationship so I will post here singular and together. 

I dont know how to stop these from showing up sideways they are right way up on my PC?


  1. I love your pages -sideways or not and I have seen that photo before-isn't it sweet.

  2. Sweet photo and i love your pages. I hope your mom is doing well...bea


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