Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mum unwell

I am physically sick with worry over my dear old Mum. She has become so frail lately and is having"turns". I had her to the doctor yesterday. I had to bring my son up from Bundaberg to help me lift the wheelchair in and out of the car. She is having blood tests today but seems to have some deterioration in her liver. If that is so he wants her to have an ultrasound but I am sure he doesn't understand how hard it is for her to get dressed and go out for tests. She was almost in tears yesterday because she was so exhausted waiting in the waiting room for 15 to 20mins. She wanted to go home.
She will be 93 on the 21st January!
I am trying to hire her a carer to be there when I can't but I have such a horror of dealing with people I find it very difficult.
John said he will talk to the lady for me after-all, negotiation is his field.
If I drop off the edge of the world and don't post it will mean something has happened to her.
I can't bear the thought and am in tears typing this .


  1. Lee-just saw this post. Hope you will be able to get some help for your mum and for yourself--Hugs

  2. Lee, I'm so sorry to read about your mom. It does sound like you need a good caregiver. Here in the U.S. we have local social service offices we can call for references to people who are reliable. Perhaps there is something like that where you live? Thinking of you.

  3. Lee - so sorry to hear about your Mum... It is so difficult especially when you are so close to someone. My heart goes out to you and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love xoxo


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