Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wonder of wonders

Some of you may remember that when John got Cancer and I had to be with him leaving Mum alone a lot. My brother was coming from 1200kms away to look after her and rolled his car and almost died.
He was in intensive care for more than a month
Well, like Humpty Dumpty they  put him back together but didn't put all the bits in the right places
and he is in a lot of pain much of the time.
Yesterday he rang and said he would come up and look after Mum. I can't believe that regardless of his own condition he would be so generous! He is no nurse and 72yo but she would have someone with her and she craves company. They argue but Mum argues with everyone, especially family when she is well enough.
He can't shower her but she said that even though she hates it she would let the community nurse do that if she could have Peter here.
Peter is a hermit and lives with his dog in the middle of nowhere. He doesn't do being around people well and tires of them very quickly so this is a massive gesture on his part. He is just a big softy when it counts!

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