Thursday, March 19, 2015

Catch up

I have had my sister in law visiting for a week it was great!
My brother arrived to live-in with Mum. Also great!

I have made contact with an old friend from high school on facebook( Rhonda Rankin.)
 I have some photos from there.
North Ryde High School. NSW.
 It has been pulled down.

we used to meet behind this building for lunch

well remembered

the desks we used

my 17th birthday 1967

my teachers


  1. How fun to see a photo of you when you were 17! It's fun to connect with old friends. So glad that your brother is coming to live with your mother--that will be such a big help for you!!

    1. Oh Janet you don't know how much of a help,wish he was staying but he said only 3 months what we can do then I don't know?

    2. Hi Lee
      Any chance you could send me a larger clearer copy of the Nth Ryde High teachers group photo....they were also my teachers.
      Allan Churn, Perth Western Australia

    3. There is a facebook group called NRHS 19--to 1968 look it up. I will send you an invite.


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